Laser Blended Vision

Tired of being dependent on reading glasses? Laser Blended Vision aims to give you independence from reading glasses allowing you to read, use the computer, and your smart phone without glasses. The sophisticated laser program from Carl Zeiss gives more depth of focus than standard monovision, which other lasers can not provide.

Is laser blended vision for you?

Presbyopia is the gradual loss of your ability to focus on near objects. It happens to everyone and can start as early as age 40 years. Reading glasses will normally overcome the problem.

Laser Blended Vision aims to restore your near vision and give you independence from reading glasses.

The procedure

Laser Blended Vision is laser eye surgery using blade-free femtosecond and excimer laser technology. The technique uses the same equipment as for LASIK. 

Your dominant eye is treated for distance vision and your non-dominant eye is treated for close vision (reading) eliminating the need for all types of glasses.

Laser Blended Vision is performed as day surgery with the laser treatment taking only seconds. Recovery time is short with only mild discomfort and slightly blurred vision for up to 4 hours after the procedure. 

Recovery time

Laser Blended Vision will give you 20/20 or better distance vision and the ability to see close up, such as reading without glasses.

The time taken to adjust and fully feel natural with blended vision can vary from person to person. On average, patients find they are able to return to their daily lives, glasses-free, the day after the procedure.

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Common Laser Blended Vision Questions

What is the difference between Laser Blended Vision (LBV) and LASIK treatment?

Laser Blended Vision (LBV) uses the same technique as LASIK to correct your eyes. Your dominant eye is treated for distance and your non-dominant eye treated for near vision. This means that you will no longer require glasses for distance vision or for reading. LASIK will correct both eyes for distance.

How will I know if I am more suited for Laser Eye Surgery or for Laser Blended Vision?

We assess your suitability with tests and scans at your free assessment. We can also show you what the Laser Blended Vision is like in trial glasses.

How long does it take to adjust to Laser Blended Vision?

Your vision will be very functional following the procedure the next day but for it to be fully adjusted and to feel natural it can take anywhere from a few days, weeks or in some instances a few months.

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