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Cataract surgery is microsurgery which removes your damaged lens (cataract) and replaces it with a new intraocular lens. This new lens will remain clear and will last for life. There are a variety of intraocular lens to choose from to suit your needs. 


    Cataracts occur with increasing age (too many birthdays).

    Normally UV light causes the lens proteins to change, which decreases the quality of your vision.

    You may experience changes in your vision, such as:

    - Vision can be blurred.
    - Glare can be a problem, especially when driving at night.
    - Poor colour perception, especially in the blue spectrum.

    Cataracts usually occur over years with slow vision changes, but sometimes cataracts can occur quickly causing a rapid change to your vision. There are three main types of cataracts: nuclear, cortical and posterior subcapsular. Some cataracts are a combination of the three types. 


    Your cataract surgery with Dr Reece Hall can be performed at: 

    Bowen Hospital in Wellington 

    Southern Cross Hospital in Wellington

    Crest Hospital in Palmerston North

    Cataract surgery (Phacoemulsification) is done with a local anaesthetic as a day surgery procedure. The latest micro-incisional technqiues are used.


    The visual results for cataract surgery are excellent, with most people achieving driving standard vision without glasses. New glasses after cataract surgery will normally improve the vision further.
    Laser cataract surgery is also available after cataract surgery for those people that wish to have their vision independent of glasses.

    For more information regarding the costs of cataract surgery, book to have your cataract assessment and discuss your suitability for Cataract Eye Surgery.

    Phone 0800-69-20-20

  • How cataracts affect your vision driving

    How Cataracts affect your Vision

    Cataracts can affect your vision with decreased sharpness of focus and increased glare on bright days. Driving at night can be an issue also with car headlights. Modern micro-incisional cataract surgery can restore your eye sight.

  • Cataract Surgery Safety

    Is Cataract Surgery Safe

    Cataract surgery complications are rare with the procedure one of the most common and most successful surgical procedures performed.  Most common complications are treatable and don’t have a long-term impact on your vision result.

  • What to expect after Cataract Surgery - Wellington

    What To Expect After Cataract Surgery

    Cataract Surgery can give you a great improvement in your vision. It is completed as a day procedure with only a short hospital visit. The modern technique Phacoemulsification uses ultrasound to remove the cataract.

  • Cataract Surgery Cost Wellington, Palmerston North, New Zealand

    Cost of Cataract Surgery in New Zealand

    In New Zealand the average cost of cataract surgery with a standard IOL is in the range of $4150 to $4650. The amount that your insurance company will pay for the procedure, and the cost that is paid directly by you varies depending upon the type of intraocular lens (IOL) that you require and the hospital you choose.

  • Cataract_Surgery_Wellington_NZ types of cataract

    Types of Cataracts

    Symptoms that you may be developing a cataract are cloudy or blurry vision, seeing colours as faded, increased sensitivity to glare, halos surrounding lights, poor night vision and a need for a frequent change in prescription glasses. You may have cataracts in both eyes, but they don’t always develop at the same time. 

  • Cataract Surgery Intraocular Lens IOL choice

    What type of lens is best for me after Cataract Surgery?

    Due to advancements in ophthalmic surgery techniques and the technology of the intraocular lens (IOL), you can now have your cataract removed and replaced with a lens that improves your vision. When thinking about which lens to choose, consider what activities you do during your day and what type of vision you need to do those activities.

  • Cataract Surgery after Laser Eye Surgery

    Can I have Cataract Surgery after Laser Eye Surgery (LASIK)?

    Yes, you can have Cataract Surgery after Laser-Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis (LASIK) surgery or any other type of laser vision correction procedure, such as PRK.

  • Cataract_Surgery_Palmerston_North

    Cataract Surgery Palmerston North

    Bowen Eye Clinic offers a Cataract and Laser Eye Surgery clinic every second Thursday in Palmerston North giving you the benefit of having your eye care closer to home. This service provides all of your pre-assessment and post operative follow-up care to be done in Palmerston North by the same eye surgeon, Dr Reece Hall.

Cataract Surgery Wellington


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