Laser Eye Surgery will lift your game on and off the sports field

If you wear glasses or contact lenses then you will have experienced the hassle of playing sport while wearing these or attempting to participate without clear vision. Laser Eye Surgery offers you freedom from glasses and contact lenses.

In New Zealand we all love to participate in sport and the great outdoors. We are a country of two main islands surrounded by rolling seas where the land and mountains are a rugged spectacle to be experienced and savoured both physically and visually.

It’s in the very fabric of our DNA and culture to be involved in various codes of sport and recreation. Anyone that wants to get the very best out of their performance knows how crucial it is to have clear and crisp eyesight. 

If you wear glasses or contact lenses then you will have experienced the hassle of either attempting your chosen sport while wearing these or attempting to participate without clear vision. It just isn’t enjoyable trying to achieve your best when you can’t see with clarity.

Good eyesight is essential particularly with hand-to-eye coordination such as rugby, football, cricket, netball, tennis or hunting.  Water sports such as yachting, surfing, wind surfing and open water swimming require clear vision for accurate navigation and keeping clear of obstacles such as other boats, surfers and rocks.

It is far more enjoyable taking part in your chosen activity being free of the worry of either breaking your glasses from them falling off as you ride down that track on your mountain bike, or the hassle of losing your contact lens at the beach with friends. If you think you’re content to wear contact lenses, take a moment to remember how many times they have irritated your eyes or become cloudy from dirt or grime or simply fallen out.

If you’re a competitive sports person racing at the top level such as a triathlete or multi sport athlete competing in the Coast to Coast or other major adventure events, the difference between good and excellent vision could be the difference between a personal success or failure, or crossing the finish line before dark.

Being free of glasses or contact lenses not only provides you with more sports code options, it also severely boosts your confidence in your ability to take part in recreational activities as there will be no excuses as to why you cannot take on something new or pick up that sport that you loved before your eyesight began to deteriorate. Why let your vision determine whether you can play or compete in a sport because your eye sight is not has good as it was in your twenties, when the rest of your body is moving fine?

So whether you are an amateur or professional athlete, an individual or team event player, if your vision is failing you or you are experiencing the hassle of wearing glasses or contact lenses, now is the time to consider laser eye surgery. It’s the answer to eye sight problems and once you’ve had it done, you won’t look back.

Here are the top three ways Laser Eye Surgery at Bowen Eye Clinic will benefit you and take you to the top of your game.

Immediate results and short recovery time

After laser eye surgery, in as little as three days post-surgery you can be back doing regular exercise, providing you are careful to avoid any activity that could lead to something touching or poking your eyes.

The benefit of no longer needing to wear glasses or contact lenses is worth the short break you’ll need to take from some of your usual recreational past-times. Usually within two weeks people who have had laser eye surgery are able to enjoy recreational activities such as swimming, sailing, scuba diving, badminton, football, and skiing (while wearing eye protection). 

However for high-impact sports such as rugby, it is recommended that you wait for at least one month post-surgery.

No More Corrective Eyewear

If you wear glasses and have done so for years, they’ve probably become engrained in your life. One of the greatest benefits you’ll get from Laser Eye Surgery is that immediately after your procedure, you will be free from having to wear glasses or contact lenses. Essentially it means, after a surgery of only 10-15 minutes, you could be free of the expenses and hassles of dealing with such eyewear for the rest of your life. 

Let’s recap on some of those inconveniences of wearing glasses or contact lenses that stand in the way of you participating and enjoying your sport 

 i)  the risk of broken glasses (occurring from falling off due to sweat or a knock)

 ii)  glasses fogging up or raindrops on them obscuring your vision

 iii)  contact lenses may shift in position in your eye, or become irritated from dust, or fall out in the water

 iv)  expensive sport prescription glasses and googles and the ongoing upgrades

 v)  not being able to play rugby and other contact sports which don’t allow eyewear.

Contact Bowen Eye Clinic today on 0800 69 20 20 to arrange a consultation with Ophthalmologist, Dr Reece Hall and find out how you can be at the top of your game with 20/20 vision this summer. 

That’s freedom from glasses on and off the sports field!