Laser Eye Surgery to make you SMILE

SMILE® Pro Laser Eye Surgery is now faster than ever. Bowen Eye Clinic has successfully introduced over the last 2 months the latest Zeiss Visumax 800 femtosecond laser. This is providing a much improved experience for patients which is more comfortable and a lot faster. 

Dr Reece Hall is excited to upgrade the femtosecond laser at Bowen Eye Clinic to the latest Zeiss Visumax 800. We have successfully introduced the new technology over the last 2 months in our Wellington clinic. While the previous LASIK laser vision correction was quick and non invasive, Dr Reece Hall, who has been performing laser for over 15 years says “this latest technology will allow us to offer patients a more comfortable and faster experience during their laser eye surgery procedures.” 

The Visumax 800 is the fastest femtosecond laser available with the lowest applanation pressures, taking only 7 seconds to complete a LASIK treatment. The next generation SMILE® Pro procedure is also available, taking 10 seconds to complete. Dr Hall explains this is important as “the shorter time frame means people are more relaxed and less nervous when having their laser treatment.” 

The new Visumax 800 is a step up in safety, accuracy and patient experience. It is the second generation Zeiss Visumax using semi-robotic laser eye surgery, and offers improved astigmatism treatments. 

Bowen Eye Clinic remains the only comprehensive refractive eye surgery clinic in Wellington offering patients the full range of vision correction treatments including: 

LASIK - original laser technique for most refractive errors including astigmatism.

SMILE® Pro - second generation SMall Incision Lenticular Extraction for higher myopic refractive error and astigmatism.

PRK - surface laser - suitable for patients with a thin cornea.

Refractive Lens Exchange - for older patients >48yr not suitable for laser surgery.

STAAR ICL - Implantable Collamer Lens - for younger patients <48yr not suitable for laser surgery. 

Cataract Surgery - with premium toric lenses - for patients with lens opacity.

If you have any questions regarding refractive eye surgery contact us on 0800 69 20 20 or email us or visit our website