Laser Eye Surgery Excellence - Whanganui

If you live in the Whanganui region your closest laser eye clinic is run by Bowen Eye Clinic in Palmerston North where Dr Reece Hall can do a full eye assessment and provide all of your follow up checks.

If you live in the Whanganui region and are considering Laser Eye Surgery (LASIK), you can travel less than an hour to see an experienced and qualified laser eye surgeon to have a free assessment to check your suitability. Your closest laser eye clinic is run by Bowen Eye Clinic in Palmerston North where Dr Reece Hall can do a full eye assessment and all your follow up checks, saving you the travel and hassle of attending all necessary appointments in a main centre.

Dr Reece Hall is the only qualified ophthalmologist in Wellington who is fellowship trained in laser eye surgery. He travels to Palmerston North every second Thursday to meet with people interested in finding out more about laser eye surgery (LASIK).  At your first appointment he will do a comprehensive full eye examination which includes: measuring your refraction, visual acuity, slit lamp exam to exclude any other eye disease, corneal thickness measurement using an ultrasound and cornea topography to map the shape of your cornea. All of these tests provide the information to determine whether your eyes are suitable for laser eye surgery. Dr Reece Hall can confirm this for you at your appointment and help plan your personalised treatment plan for your surgery at  Bowen Eye Clinic day in Wellington.  

Meeting your surgeon at your pre-assessment allows you to ask all of those questions that you have and to discuss the outcome that you’d like from the surgery with the doctor who is performing your procedure. At Bowen Eye Clinic we believe this is important as you need to have trust and confidence before you make the decision to proceed. 

Dr Reece Hall performs laser eye surgery every Wednesday at Bowen Eye Clinic in Wellington and then runs a clinic in Palmerston North the next day. This means that you can return to the comfort of your own home after your surgery and see him locally for your post operative care the following day on the Thursday. Further eye surgeon checks can be done at two weeks, six weeks, 3 months and 6 months. 

Dr Reece Hall has published research on LASIK and Laser Eye Surgery and completed a Master in Medicine in Refractive Surgery. He has over 10 years of Laser Eye Surgery experience. Bowen Eye Clinic is a purpose built eye facility and has the latest approved laser technology equipment in New Zealand.  He is still the only Laser eye surgeon with regular clinics in Palmerston North and has offered these for the last 6 years. He is committed to providing accessible high quality laser eye surgery to people from Whanganui and Palmerston North.

Contact Bowen Eye Clinic 0800 69 20 20 to make an appointment for your free assessment for suitability for laser eye surgery.