Laser Eye Surgery Excellence - Nelson

At Bowen Eye Clinic Nelson we prefer you to meet your surgeon at the beginning of your journey. This allows you the advantage of having a full eye assessment by an experienced and qualified laser eye surgeon and have all your questions answered. 

Free, no obligation Laser Eye Surgery (LASIK) assessments are available in the Nelson Tasman region at KUSKE Eyewear, 258 Hardy St, Nelson, in a fully equipped eye clinic by our experienced and qualified laser eye surgeon. Dr Reece Hall runs a laser eye clinic in Nelson every 2-4 weeks on a Saturday morning. He has been doing this since 2011 seeing new patients for assessment and follow-up checks for those who have recently had their surgery at Bowen Eye Clinic in Wellington. 

Have your surgeon do your assessment

Some eye clinics arrange for a technician or optometrist to do half of the necessary tests and assessment to check you for suitability for Laser Eye Surgery. This leaves you without really knowing whether you are suitable or what your treatment plan will be until the day of the surgery when you meet the surgeon.

At Bowen Eye Clinic we prefer you to meet your surgeon at the beginning of your journey. This allows you the advantage of having a full eye assessment by an experienced and qualified laser eye surgeon and have all your questions answered. 

What is done during a Laser Eye Surgery Assessment?

Your expectations and questions about Laser Eye Surgery will be discussed. A full eye exam is done which includes measuring your refraction (the power of your glasses and contact lenses) and your visual acuity (20/20) on an eye chart. Your eyes are examined with a slit lamp checking the health of your eyes including the cornea, the lens to make sure no cataract is present, and retina and optic nerve to exclude any eye disease such as glaucoma or macula problems. The corneal thickness (pachymetry) is measured with ultrasound. Finally corneal topography is performed with to look for a regular cornea shape and exclude any hidden or early keratoconus. Cornea topography is mapping the cornea shape similar to a topographical map. OCT (Ocular computerised tomography) is also available for further investigation if any other early disease is identified. 

No other Laser Eye Clinic in the Nelson Tasman region can offer you the same comprehensive full assessment at the one appointment by the surgeon who will be performing your surgery. 

At the end of your assessment Dr Hall will be able to tell you if you are suitable for laser eye surgery and will tailor your personalised treatment plan with you for your surgery date in Wellington.

Have your post-operative care with your surgeon

At Bowen Eye Clinic your surgeon takes responsibility for all your post-operative care. This includes checks the day after surgery in Wellington then again at 1 week, 1 month, 3 months and 6 months in Nelson. Having the trained professional who undertook your surgery and knows you is a real advantage to ensure you receive the best continuity of post operative care for your eyes.

Accommodation package available

We appreciate there are additional costs in travelling away from your home town for this procedure so we offer a generous travel package to all Nelson patients to cover their flights and accommodation for that night in Wellington. The recovery is fast with almost everyone having legal driving vision without glasses the day after their procedure. All other check ups are done back in Nelson.

Why choose Bowen Eye Clinic and Dr Reece Hall?

Bowen Eye Clinic is a purpose built laser eye facility that has the latest FDA approved laser technology and the newest diagnostic equipment in New Zealand. Dr Reece Hall is the only fellowship trained Laser Eye Surgeon in Wellington. He is the only laser eye surgeon in New Zealand who has published research on LASIK and Laser Eye Surgery to complete a Master in Medicine in Refractive Surgery. Dr Reece Hall has over 10 years of Laser Eye Surgery experience and set up Bowen Eye Clinic in Wellington in 2014. You are in safe and trusted hands with Dr Reece Hall, and at Bowen Eye Clinic we have ample free parking making the little things stress free.

Book a free Laser Eye Surgery assessment in Wellington

The Laser Eye Surgery assessment provides all the information required to offer you safety and confidence in proceeding with LASIK. The normal treatment range for LASIK is from +4.00D to -10.00D. Astigmatism is also treatable.

Contact Bowen Eye Clinic 0800 69 20 20 to get the best advantage in care for your vision.