Could Laser Eye Surgery save me money?

You can work out that Laser Eye Surgery is a cost effective option when compared to the lifetime cost of wearing glasses and/or contact lenses. And while you can break down the question financially - only you really know the day-to-day hassle that you face with wearing glasses and contacts.

Financially, with a rough figure in mind, you can work out that Laser Eye Surgery is a cost effective option when compared to the lifetime cost of wearing glasses and/or contact lenses. And while you can break down the question financially - only you really know the day-to-day hassle that you face with wearing glasses and contacts.

What are the lifetime costs of glasses and contact lenses compared with Laser Eye Surgery?

Here’s a conservative example of the lifetime costs (over 20 years) of glasses and contacts.

Age 21 over 20 years you will spend a minimum of $20,000 - $25,000 by the time you are age 41 on visual correction.

Cost of annual optometry visits $100/year                    - total $  2,000

Cost of contact lenses and solutions $800/year          - total $16,000

Cost of glasses $750 every 5 years                                     - total $  3,000

Cost of prescription sunglasses $500 every 5 years    - total $  2,000

Adding it all up, you soon come to realise that laser eye surgery at a one off cost of $3150 per eye is a very affordable alternative. The lifetime costs of optometry appointments, prescription changes, disposable contacts, replacing and updating glasses for fashion changes, prescription sunglasses that get lost, scratched or broken.  The cost of vision correction adds up quickly and does not provide a permanent fix.

Laser Eye Surgery seems expensive at the initial outlay cost of $3150 per eye and the high upfront cost can be more manageable when you look at finance options to pay such as Q Card (interest free finance) or your credit card.

Is Laser Eye Surgery a permanent solution?

Laser Eye Surgery is a permanent procedure that has no expiry date and the benefits can last you - 20, 30 or even 40 years - depending upon when you take the leap to go ahead with the procedure. The eye of course does change as you age so Laser Eye Surgery won’t stop you from developing presbyopia (after LASIK surgery it is relatively simple to make small adjustments to counter these ageing changes) or a cataract later in life.

Live life with day-to- day clear and unhindered vision - freedom from glasses and contact lenses

However, the greatest benefits of Laser Eye Surgery are more subtle than monetary. The convenience of having it done and being free of glasses once and for all can be truely liberating. After getting laser eye surgery we often hear people say “I wish I’d done it sooner” and “how life changing it has been” – they don’t have to look for glasses in their handbag anymore or when they go to drive somewhere or want to read something. Being able to go for a swim in the pool or at the beach and see (and find) their family and friends as they get out of the water, going to a restaurant and not having to show your age by putting on reading glasses to see the menu. These are the type of experiences that you can’t put a price on. For many people laser eye surgery is not only seen as a way to save money; it’s a way to see and live life with day-to-day clear and unhindered vision.

Tell me a little about the Laser Eye Surgery procedure

Be reassured that Laser Eye Surgery is a very safe and trusted procedure which is used worldwide, and the results are permanent; it will treat your short or long sightedness or astigmatism forever. LASIK is the most common form of laser eye surgery. A flap is created within the outer layer of the cornea which simply folds back, and the surgeon reshapes underneath your cornea with the laser. This reshaping process only takes seconds and allows you to see without glasses.  The surgeon sets the flap to its original position where it quickly heals in place. Most patients only feel mild discomfort for a few hours and visual recovery is fast, with most patients seeing 20/20 (95-98%) the next day. The procedure has FDA approval and over 30 million people who have had it done worldwide are now enjoying life glasses free. It’s suitable for those aged 20 to 65.

As well as being pain free, the procedure itself only takes seconds for each eye. Then not only will your eyesight be restored but you’ll also be amazed at how fast recovery time is, with most people able to drive the next day and take part in day to day activities without the hassle of glasses.

What level of care will I receive for the cost of Laser Eye Surgery?

Our fee includes everything you will need for a successful Laser Eye Surgery procedure. Included in your one comprehensive all inclusive fee is:

Free suitability screening assessment and ophthalmic examination with our surgeon, Dr Reece Hall.

Bespoke treatment plan just for you - programming the laser exactly and specifically for your visual requirements.

Laser eye surgery using the very latest and safest technology.

All peri and post operative care including antibiotic eye drops.

All aftercare for one year after the treatment - post operative checks at day 1, week 1, and following months for up to 12 months

Free enhancement if required up to 12 months after the procedure.

Continuity of care with Dr Reece Hall at Bowen Eye Clinic

With over 10 years’ experience in Laser Eye Surgery (LASIK), you’re in safe hands with Dr Reece Hall. Based in Wellington he also travels to Nelson, Waikanae and Palmerston North to provide free laser suitability assessment clinics where he will tailor your procedure for your individual vision requirements. You’ll find Reece is very easy to chat to and you’ll receive continuity of care with him from the time of your initial assessment and throughout all of your follow-up appointments. He will provide you with his personal mobile number should you have any questions or concerns after your surgery.

If people are travelling from Nelson for LASIK, you’ll be offered an accommodation package which comes with a discount.

All post-surgery check-ups are done in the centre that suits you best - Wellington, Palmerston North,Waikanae or Nelson - with just one overnight trip required to Wellington for your surgery.

You’ll enjoy visiting Bowen Eye Clinic in Crofton Downs, Wellington. Established in 2014, it’s a purpose-built modern day surgery facility offering the latest and newest diagnostic equipment and laser equipment  to give you the best visual results for your vision. There is ample free parking and our friendly staff are expert at ensuring you have a comfortable experience. The Bowen Eye Clinic uses the latest FDA approved Femtosecond and Excimer lasers for LASIK.

To find out more about laser eye surgery and whether it is a potential option for you, contact Bowen Eye Clinic phone 0800 69 20 20 or email for a no obligation, free, initial laser suitability assessment today.