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If you’re a Millennial (born between early 1980 and early 2000) and you’re looking to maintain your health and wellbeing, eye care probably isn’t much of a priority for you. But here are 5 reasons why you should be thinking about Laser Eye Surgery (LASIK).

LASIK for Millennials: 5 reasons to Invest in Laser Eye Surgery.

If you’re a Millennial (born between early 1980 and early 2000) and you’re looking to maintain your health and wellbeing, eye care probably isn’t much of a priority for you. But here are 5 reasons why you should be thinking about Laser Eye Surgery (LASIK).

Why you should care

Many Millennials may be wondering why they should care about laser eye surgery now when their eyes are OK in glasses or contact lenses.  Imagine the thousands of dollars in long-term savings you’ll get by not needing to update your contact lenses or glasses ever again.

Consider life with the freedom from not needing to wear glasses while doing fitness and sporting activities. In fact the most frequent thing people say after having LASIK is they wish they had done it years ago. As you age, your eyesight is one of the most important things to look after. so take proactive steps to invest in your eyesight now while you’re young.

What you should be doing

Even at a young age there are plenty of ways you can start caring for your eyes. Some every-day tips include not exposing them to UV sunlight, wearing effective sunglasses when outside, and getting regular eye tests. But one step you should certainly consider is getting LASIK surgery.

Laser Eye Surgery (LASIK) is a safe and trusted treatment that gives you freedom from glasses and contact lenses. It allows you to enjoy your life and independence without the hassle of wearing glasses.

More than 27 million people worldwide have now had LASIK and there is over 25 years of knowledge and experience with the procedure, so here are 5 reasons why Millennials should consider investing in LASIK for themselves.

1. LASIK is a  Safe and Trusted Procedure

LASIK has been around for more than 25 years now, and the millions of people around the world have now enjoyed the benefits. In those 25 years, advances have also been made to improve the procedure, and reduce any risks. LASIK is the number one refractive laser eye surgery procedure in New Zealand due to its safety and highly predictable results.

2. Recovery Time is Fast

A common concern for Millennials is the possibility of medical downtime, in which a medical procedure might inhibit their ability to work and socialise. The beauty of LASIK is that it’s blade-free, and the treatment itself only takes seconds for each eye.

Furthermore, the recovery is fast. You will normally be able to drive again the next day, and start to do most day-to-day activities without your glasses and contact lenses.

3. Fitness and Sport

While eye care is generally a low priority for Millennials, fitness is not. There are countless fitness crazes doing the rounds these days, from boot camp, to spinning classes to cross fit, and having to wear glasses or contacts while working out is certainly going to be a big hassle.

If you’re used to wearing glasses, you’re probably also used to having to constantly adjust them on your nose, and wipe the sweat from the inside of the lens. And if you’re used to contacts, you may know the hazard of them causing dry eyes, infection, and loss of eyesight.

Investing in LASIK means you won’t have to wear contacts or glasses during your exercise and workouts again, allowing you to focus on your workout, and strive for that personal best.

4. Confidence Boost

Glasses can sometimes be seen as a stigma and if you’ve ever worn glasses, you may have even been teased. While no one should be ashamed or embarrassed to wear glasses, the option to not have to wear glasses is one that many people would jump on.

LASIK removes that need, and can give many people the confidence, and improves your self-esteem.

5. Because you can

Your final reason to consider LASIK is simply because you can.  Most Millennials are now of an age where they are fully independent. They’ve moved out of home, and are responsible for making their own decisions.

When they were wearing glasses in school, they didn’t have the ability to afford the surgery. When they were at university they didn’t have the time. But now that they have independence, and the means to afford it, there’s no reason for them not to consider LASIK. Compared to the ongoing costs with glasses and contact lenses, Laser Eye Surgery is very competitive and can even work out costing you less in the long run.

Where to from here?

If you’d like to know more about LASIK and how it might benefit you, feel free to book a free eye assessment for your suitability with Dr Reece Hall at Bowen Eye Clinic.

5 reasons to Invest in Laser Eye Surgery | Bowen Eye Clinic


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